All-in-One Gift Bags
The original greeting card & gift bag for cannabis products

Gift Bags with Tissue
Elevate your gifting style. Great for any occasion.

Gift Wrap
Make a special gift stand out with these cannabis inspired designs.

One-of-a-kind decor for home or business.



Please gift responsibly and obey all local laws when gifting cannabis and cannabis products. Do not mail or ship a package containing marijuana intrastate or out-of-state. Trafficking a Schedule I drug is a federal offense and can result in a fine of $250,000 – $1M and up to five years in jail.

About Green Card Greetings

As the legalization of recreational use marijuana continues to be adopted throughout the U.S., the negative stigmas are going up in smoke. Green Card Greetings is dedicated to further normalizing consumption by supporting marijuana gifting for all occasions. Our products are designed to create an exceptional gifting experience for both the giver and receiver. Our industry first, all-in-one gift bag can accommodate any marijuana consumable Our cannabis-themed paper gift bags are perfect for any occasion. And our cannabis-inspired gift wrap can make any gift memorable.

We sincerely hope you have the pleasure of giving or receiving a Green Card Greeting gift. Please remember to enjoy your gift responsibly and obey all local laws. If you have any comments or questions please contact us.