Green Card Greetings Wholesale – 20% Off 1st Order with 1GR1 at checkout

Become a Green Card Greetings retailer today. Our unique gift supplies make it easy for your customers to give green for all special occasions and holidays.

The original All-in-One Greeting and Gift Bag for marijuana consumables. Includes free EZ-Browse display. Assorted special occasions and holidays available.

Handled gift bags with tissue paper are a complete gifting solution. 

Marijuana-themed, single sheet gift wrap is perfect for larger gifts.


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Offer Green Card Greetings Gift Supplies at your retail location. Click one of the tabs above to learn benefits specific to your business.

  1. Capture gift, holiday, and tourism revenue.
  2. Increase sales per transaction.
  3. Create gift promotions by combining with daily specials.
  4. Utilize available floor space ( waiting areas) for revenue-generating merchandise.


  1. Engages customers to consider purchasing merchandise as gifts.
  2. Promotes repeat business viagra generika preis.
  3. Increases holiday and tourism sales.


  1. Cater to Canna-Tourists.
  2. Appeal to a new audience.
  3. Offer a new type of gifting experience.